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good morning, america. breaking right now for our viewers in the west. the sole suspect in the ohio kidnapping case enters court to face charges. two major exclusives. the mother of one of the missing and the daughter of the suspect speak out for the first time. only on "gma." guilty, jodi arias convicted of first degree murder in the most watched trial of the year. her shocking interview with cameras rolling just moments after she learned her fate. >> i would much rather die sooner rather than later. >> what she says she wants the jury to do now. breaking overnight, a frantic search by air and water right now for two passengers who vanished an a carnival crews. ship cameras show them going over board in the middle of the
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night. these incredible pictures going viral this morning. children growing up with cheetahs? the big cats playing catch, riding in the drivers seat side by side, why this family is raising these big cats and their babies together. good morning, america. two big stories to get to right away including that surprising interview with jodi arias just moments after she was found guilty. >> she called the death penalty freedom but we turn right to the latest in cleveland, and check out the video footage of that thumbs up from gina dejesus as she came home yesterday. abc's anchor david muir was right there when the story broke and was there for the emotional homecomings. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george and robin. ar yol castro atrained in this crews behind me just a short
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time ago. his head down, wearing a blue jump suit, held on $8 million bond. the police chief telling me here that his two brothers also in court will not be charged in this case. they do not believe they knew about the women inside that house. all of this coming as those emotional home comings played out here in cleveland. amanda berry and her 6-year-old daughter r waking up with family this morning on the street where neighbors lined the front yards to welcome amanda and her little girl home. the 6-year-old holding a stuffed animal before being carried into the house. >> we are so happy to have her and her daughter home. >> reporter: then there was gina dejesus who disappeared on that walk to school at 14, giving a thumb's up as she got out of sha van, now 23 yeefrlds. she is finally home and free. >> i knew she needed me and i never gave up. >> reporter: all of this after that daring escape and this morning we hear the recordings from the police radios when officers realized that the girls
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who vanished a decade ago were alive. >> got a bus coming? there might be others in the house. we found them. we found them. >> reporter: police say the women revealed that in the ten years they walked out of that home only twice. only to be taken into the garage, their captor would disguise them. never did they leave the property. >> the only opportunity to escape was the other day when amanda escaped. >> reporter: abc news learned that three women were locked up in separate rooms, first the basement and then upstairs. this morning abc station wews learned from a law enforcement source that inside the home the women reported multiple pregnancies, miscarriages and that amanda berry gave birth in a small inflatable pool inside of the house one of the women helping to deliver the carry. all as the sole suspect led a double life on the outside police say. image of castro playing the base
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in his band in cleveland and the police chief revealing to us for the first time that throughout it all the only person to go out in public with ar yell astro was that 6-year-old little girl. >> did they ever leaf the house? >> she did leave the house. i have information that she did leave occasionally with the suspect. >> that's the first time we had that confirmed, the police chief telling us that we would go out in public with that little girl. the two brothers will not be charged in this case. they do not believe they knew of those women inside. the new york times reporting this morning that castro might have marked every year of the anniversary of the abductions with cake for the women. if true it's one more example of the hero they endured for ten years inside that house. so awful. >> absolutely. you're staying on top of this for us, david. thank you so much. we have been thinking about the families so much. joining us now from cleveland is gina dejesus' mother, nancy
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ruiz. for the first time in ten years your daughter is waking up at home. what are your emotioned this morning? >> i'm still in a dream. i pinch myself every morning. it's awesome. i'm unable to describe the feeling that i have because she's right there by me now. i still pinch myself because i'm still in my dream. it's so awesome to have her home. >> i'm sure that it is. can you describe for us, nancy, the first time you saw her after all those years. what did you say to one another? >> we didn't say nothing. we just grabbed each other and held on. that's what we did. there was no words. it was just hugging and kissing and crying. >> it reminds me of something my
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mother used to say when i would come home. she just wanted to lay her eyes on me and i'm sure that's what you wanted to do, lay your eyes on your daughter and the conversation would come later. i understand you were able to see all three of the women. how are they holding up emotionally, nancy? >> surprisingly they are doing great. i saw all three of them together. they didn't want to get separated at that point yet. it's working out great. they are fantastic. >> you said they're probably holding up better than we are at this point. >> they are. >> help us understand your daughter. her strength, resilience. >> i'm surprised. i knew she was strong. i didn't know how strong she was and is.
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i think she's stronger than i am to tell the truth. she is. >> i don't know about that, nancy. you and your family never ever gave up. where does that unshakeable belief and strength come from? >> from my heart and my faith in god. i knew she was alive because i felt it. i knew it. i always said she would walk through the front door. it didn't happen because i couldn't find my keys but she did walk into the door of the house. >> i love when she put her thumb up as she was coming in and saying everything was okay. i know your husband said it's going to be a mighty special mother's day for you on sunday, isn't it, nancy? >> yes, it is. i am so blessed and thankful for that. mother's say is every day for
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me. >> that's well put. nancy ruiz, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> for wanting to be here and thank you for your unshakable belief and faith and sharing that with all of us. you give your daughter just a big old hug for us. >> i will. >> happy mother's day. >> you too. thank you. >> george? >> thanks, robin. we turn to the man who confessed to the crimes. ariel castro, his daughter arlene castro joins us now. thank you so much for joining us now, arlene. you were probably the last person to see gina dejesus alive. what was your reaction when you learned that your father had confessed to holding her captive for so many years? >> i would have to say i was -- i'm really disappointed, embarrassed, mainly devastated about this whole situation. >> when was the last time you spoke to your father? >> it's -- it was late last month. >> and had you been in regular contact with him and had you had
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any kind of inkling at all that something like this could be going on inside his home? >> no, i had no idea. we -- me and my father were never really that close. we -- every time we would talk it would just be short conversations and just a hello, how are you doing and let me know if you need anything and that was it every time. >> and did you ever meet the little girl, jocelyn? >> no, i have never met her before. >> in terms of violence in the home, did you ever witness that? >> oh, no, never. never. >> and what would you like to say to gina, her family and the other women now? >> i would like to say i am absolutely so, so sorry. i really want to see you, gina, and i want you to meet my kids. i'm so sorry for everything.
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>> thank you for coming on, sharing that message this morning. i know this has been a hard few days for you. >> sure has. >> what a contrast. you see all that joy in nancy ruiz and all that heartache. >> quite a contrast and david muir will stay on top of it. the guilty verdict in the jodi arias trial. she was convicted of first degree murder late on wednesday and today the jury returns to court to begin considering her punishment. abc's ryan owens is in phoenix, arizona, with the latest for us. >> reporter: good morning, robin. convicted killer jodi arias is on suicide watch at the jail this morning after telling a local television station here she would rather die than spend the rest of her life in prison. but, of course, that's not up to her. >> first degree murder, guilty.
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>> reporter: jodi arias could only wait a few minutes after being convicted to find a television camera and start talking. she told a fox station here in phoenix what she wants the jury to do now. >> the worst outcome for me would be natural life. i would much rather die sooner than later. >> reporter: she may get her wish. >> i said years ago i'd rather get death than life and that still is true today. i believe death is the ultimate freedom so i'd rather just have my freedom as soon as i can get it. >> reporter: the jury of eight men and four women deliberated 15 hours convicting arias of the premeditated murder of her ex-boyfriend, travis alexander, who she shot and repeatedly stabbed. alexander's family exhaled in relief and broke down in tears when they heard the word "guilty." as for jodi arias dressed in all black she barely flinched. it was almost as if she knew it was coming. outside the phoenix courthouse,
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the crowd erupted as word spread that the state's most notorious defendant is now officially a convicted killer. travis alexander's closest friends chris and skye hughes sat down with abc news just after the verdict. >> it's been a tough five years and today was -- today was a really important day for our life and we're just glad it turned out the way it did. >> i feel like i can breathe again. >> reporter: so the jodi arias case is a long way from over. later today, the prosecution will present aggravating factors, basically arguing to this jury that the murder was so cruel it deserves the death penalty. she may well take the stand yet again. this time to beg for her life. robin? >> as you said, it is not over, but so bizarre she spoke so quickly after the verdict
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yesterday. now, let's turn to josh elliott for the morning's other top stories. good morning, josh. >> we begin with what's being called the largest bank heist ever. prosecutors in new york city arrested 8 people accuse d of using computers to funnel millions of dollars from banks in new york and institutions around the world. the cyber criminals pulled off the heist by disabled withdrawal limits. banks in 26 countries were targeted. we expect more details within the scheme at a press conference this morning. another pr nightmare for carnival cruise lines. two passengers on a cruise to the south pacific are missing. a frantic search is under way off the coast of sydney, australia for a couple who went overboard from the carnival spirit. ship cameras showing them going over board wednesday night from a deck halfway up the ship's
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side. >> they were 13, 14 hours in the water. as far as i'm concerned as the commander we are searching for them in the hope that we will find them alive out to sea. >> reporter: officials discovered that the 30-year-old man and 27-year-old woman were missing after the carnival ship docked in sydney and immediately began a search by air and water. carnival which has been playinged by high profile problems in recent years issued this statement. our thoughts are clearly with their families at this time. we are working closely with south wales police and assisting them. >> search crews are holding out hope that they will be able to locate the couple even though the search area is so vast. the pentagon says there's no way that the special ops forces could have saved the four people in benghazi. gregory hiks hold congress he
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pleaded for the team to be sent from tripoli. testimony from another diplomat also put the spotlight back on former secretary of state hillary clinton who in january testified that it didn't matter whether the incident was an attack or a spontaneous pro test as the administration first claimed. >> what happened prior, during and after the attack matters and it matters to my colleagues. to my colleagues at the department of state. >> meantime hiks claims he was demoted after raising questions about the attack which the state department denied. finally some, well, understandable anger perhaps in oakland this morning and here is why. the ball goes long against cleveland and it's ruled a ground-rule double. wait. look where the ball is. it is clearly above the yellow line. the umpires review it and decide, no, it's not a home run.
7:16 am
after the ejections and the arguing cleveland takes it. there was some home cooking in cleveland last night. cleveland took it 4-3. >> they was robbed. >> if you have the instant replay you got to get it right. you got to get it right. >> i'm happy. i'm a fan. the after math of heavy rains yesterday. new pictures of flooding. >> we'll show you jersey city and hoboken. you went through about -- some way say three or four inches of rain in a very short period of time, in hours yesterday. we were watching it durth broadcast of "good morning america" and afterwards all that flooding and rain, the most since tropical storm irene moved in so a big soaking day. that low moves in and guess what happens. it's a warmup coming in. boston, philly, washington d.c., new york city getting warm numbers from the 70s into the
7:17 am
80s. today strong severe storms in two zones, one of them right here in indianapolis and st. louis. oklahoma and north of san antonio. that's the weather around the nation. your local forecast 30 seconds away.
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>> so two zones of strong storms today. we'll show you pictures next half hour and why people say golf ball-size hail. >> ooh. we'll see that. thank you, sam. thanks, sam. everyone's favorite rebellious royal is headed back to the u.s. prince harry lands in washington today beginning a week-long trip through the u.s. the focus is charity work. but all eyes will be on his, well, behavior after his controversial las vegas trip last summer. you remember that? abc's lama hasan remembers that and has the latest from washington. >> reporter: good morning, robin. just a few hours they'll roll out the red carpet for prince harry right here on capitol hill as he begins his jam-packed tour representing queen and country
7:19 am
and this time it will be all work and no play for the prince. it's the royal recovery from a hefty hangover. this morning, prince harry makes his way to the united states, returning for the first time since that scandalous vegas vacation last august and kicking off a seven day six city trip focused on charity work. >> it's covering all of the events that he feels very strongly about, but also i suppose in terms of his relationship to america is something of a rehabilitation trip for him. >> reporter: the apache pilot returned from a four-month tour of afghanistan in january, and in just a few hours he arrives here in the usa launching a much more low-key tour of the states. the first stop, the nation's capital where he'll meet with ambassadors and tour arlington national cemetery. on friday he'll jet-set to denver then colorado springs for the wounded warrior games. noticeably bypassing vegas on
7:20 am
his way back to the east coast early next week. prince harry will also tour hurricane sandy's ravaged jersey shore with governor christie as his chaperone. >> i'm going to be spending the entire day with prince harry, and so, believe me, nobody is going to get naked. >> reporter: but the hottest ticket in town, the sentebale polo cup in connecticut where the avid polo player will take to the field for some good spirited fun. >> girls in particular of parents associated to the greenwich polo club says please don't take your business associates, please take me because everyone wants to see harry in action. >> reporter: no royal tour would be complete without a dinner so tonight the british ambassador is hosting a invitation only reception for the prince. the excitement is building. >> everyone can see harry in action. thanks. coming up on "gma," more on the dramatic verdict in the trial of jodi arias. dan and nancy weigh in live. abercrombie & fitch under fire. do they only make clothes for skinny shoppers.
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the astonishing video going viral, big cats growing up side by side
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don't blame him. instead, rely on frontline plus. it kills adult fleas and ticks, plus flea eggs and larvae, destroying future generations. ask your vet about frontline plus. >> now from abc7 news, good morning, i am eric thomas. a revised land for a new waterfront arena is presented to the san francisco planning commission today. the plan reduces the height the arena and pulls it back from the bay with more open space. the architect says that it is in response to community concerns.
7:25 am
the changes should trigger a re-do of the entire environmental review process and the warriors hope to on the arena by 2017. leyla gulen? >> good morning, everyone. as we lock outside, this is the 101 freeway, through shown, coming away from 880 with traffic slow unless you are sharing the ride and in the car pool lane. it is getting bad for the workers from livermore to pleasanton.
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>> good morning, we are seeing sunshine in walnut creek this morning with the big story today, there are a couple of them. tree pollen is high but grass is moderate. hopefully you are not suffering from the allergies. temperatures today at at&t park start off at 60 at 7:15 and drop down to 54 so still relatively cool with highs two to six degrees warmer than year. 62 in san francisco and 62 at oakland, and san jose at 73. concord at 74. today is the going of a warming trend with
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a different place -- >> stunning words from jodi arias giving an interview moments after getting the death penalty in court right there. we'll have more and what she wants her ex's family to know and dan and nancy here to weigh in. >> i'm sure they have a lot to say. also ahead, the startling pictures of a family raising their family side by side with cheetahs. >> okay. >> what? this family says they -- they took in the cats when they were cubs, oh, my. >> looks peaceful there. >> yeah. >> stuffed animals. >> i'm sure we'll be weighing in in just a bit. also ahead, a new controversy for one of the most popular stores in the country. is abercrombie & fitch discriminating against its
7:31 am
customers? or some of them? >> okay. and it's called the boredom diet but is eating the same meal every day the key to losing weight for good or making life not so much fun. >> not if it's a cheeseburger every day. >> robin, truer words were never spoken. first more of that stunning courtroom interview with jodi arias just moments after she was convicted. jurors going back to work today as we told you to consider her fate and abc's ryan owens is back with us from phoenix right now. good morning, again, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, robin. jodi arias likes to talk. we already knew that. she gave a ton of interviews right after she was arrested. some of them were played for the jury. then she testified for 18 days, so surprise, surprise, right after being convicted she found a camera and started talking. >> i think i just went blank,
7:32 am
just -- i don't know. i just feel overwhelmed. >> reporter: but not too overwhelmed to talk about it. just 20 minutes after being convicted of first degree murder, before she even left the courthouse, jodi arias has given yet another interview this time to phoenix's fox affiliate. >> it was unexpected for me, yes, because there was no premeditation on my part. i can see how things look that way. >> we the jury, duly impaneled and sworn in the above-entitled action upon our oath do find the defendant as to count one, first degree murder, guilty. >> reporter: arias sat stoically dressed in all black as the verdict was read. the family of her victim and ex-boyfriend, travis alexander, broke down in relief, hugging each other. jodi arias is never at a loss for words, even for them. >> i hope that now that a verdict has been rendered that they're able to find peace, some kind of peace and be able to
7:33 am
move on with their lives. i think that if i was honest from the beginning i'd be in a different place and so would everyone else and because of what i've done, a lot of people will hurt for a long time. >> reporter: arias' case is moving on. later today prosecutor juan martinez will present aggravating factors to the same jury that just convicted her, hoping to convince them alexander's death was so cruel, so heinous, his killer deserves the death penalty. remarkably, arias says she's okay with that. >> well, the worst outcome for me would be natural life. i would much rather die sooner than later. i believe death is the ultimate freedom. >> reporter: because of those comments specifically that she would rather die than spend the rest of her life behind bars, jodi arias is on suicide watch at the jail this morning but that will not stop the next phase of her trial from moving forward, george. that's scheduled for later this afternoon.
7:34 am
>> okay, ryan, i know you'll be there. let's wrap it up with legal consultant dan abrams and nancy grace in phoenix covering it for her own show on hln. will she get what she wants, the death penalty? >> well, i'm not so sure that's what jodi arias wants. she's trying to use reverse psychology. it's not working. remember she took the stand for 18 days, which is unprecedented in a bid to save her own life and now just because she takes to the air waves within literally minutes of a murder one conviction she's plopping down in front of the lights and camera to speak again probably hoping the jury and others will hear her. i'm not really persuaded. as she goes on in the interview she goes on to call the murder victim, travis alexander, he's dead in the ground with his neck slashed a hypocrite, right? so i'm not that crazy about this interview. >> look, i agree on this issue with nancy. i think that she's trying to
7:35 am
manipulate the jury. my guess is that she does want the jury to come back with a life sentence and that she's hoping that by saying she'd prefer death that the jurors will then punish her, so to speak, by giving her life in prison. it is amazing when you think about it, right? we're talking about someone who was just convicted, just convicted, moments earlier of first degree murder, her life is on the line and what is the first thing she does? she sits down in front of a camera to tell the world, you know what, you know, i didn't expect this, but i want death. there's no other way to interpret it other than her effort to talk to the jurors and she's -- look, she lies so often that it's hard to trust anything that comes out of her mouth. >> nancy, she's so calm and so clinical. >> dan, don't you know her lawyers were doing a backflip? you know they did not want her to sit down in front of a camera because, remember, everything she says, the constitution will protect her from overbearing
7:36 am
state action, i.e., the police, but the constitution is not protective from blabbing to journalists so all of this can come in at the next two phases of trial. >> again, but i think i don't know that that would help the prosecution, per se, because i don't think they want to take -- >> calling travis a hypocrite. >> that part but i mean wanting death. >> walk us through what happens next. >> the first phase is pretty easy. i mean they'll have to demonstrate an aggravating factor here. that won't be difficult to show how cruel and heinous this crime was. they're going to call a witness, maybe a couple, basically to talk about how gruesome the crime was. you then move forward pretty quickly to the death penalty phase. where there will be a little mini trial, but a very different kind of trial because there the issue isn't was she guilty, did she do it, the question is, do the aggravating factors meaning the reasons to give the death penalty outweigh the mitigating factors, the problem for jodi arias is that it's tough to
7:37 am
figure out what the mitigating factors are here in this case. look, i said from the beginning i don't think this is a death penalty case. but it is a technical legal matter. this is going to be a tough defense for jodi arias. >> anything the defense can do right now? >> well, yes, they can shut jodi arias up, number one. we're moving into a pretty quick phase. it should be a quick phase called aggravation. every jurisdiction has a death penalty. has, say, 5 to 15 aggravating factors. the state has limited their choice to cruel, heinous manner of death. so the state, i believe, intends to call medical examiner, dr. kevin horn to explain to the jury what this man went through prior to his death. the repeat stabbings, the slash across the neck, when he stood over his bathroom sink and looked into the mirror and saw himself die. his effort to get away, but, no, he didn't get away. she got him and slashed his
7:38 am
throat and shot him. so he would never be detected by others and let his body decompose in the shower. that's cruel. it's not guilty or not guilt or innocence, it's proven or unproven. did you prove that circumstance. if the jury says, yes, we move into the sentencing phase. >> okay, nancy, dan, thanks very much. let's get the weather from sam. >> start with pictures out of comanche, kansas and when you look at the hailstones, you don't know how to measure them. here's why they say golf ball-size hail because by the way when you put one side by side that's exactly the size those stones were. look fine from a distance but damaging if they're right on top of you. there has been one positive, a little positive side of this weird spring we've had and that is our tornado count so far at 244 tornadoes. we would normally be well over 600 tornadoes by this time in the season. good we haven't had a lot of them. here's where the heavy rain falls today in the two pockets of the strongest storms where you get the heaviest rain,
7:39 am
chicago, kankakee and even into louisiana and eastern texas more than central but, dallas, you're getting heavier rain, memphis as well, 2 inches and flash flooding in those storms as they go. beautiful on the west coast, portland, 80 degrees, san francisco, you're 64. l.a. is at about 70, 71. >> all that weather was brought to you by royal caribbean cruise and sometimes when they say golf ball-size hail, they really mean the size of a golf ball. >> absolutely, sam. got to love him. coming up, the incredible pictures of children growing up with cheetahs, the parents speak out about why they're all one big happy family.
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[ male announcer ] now's the time to perfect your outdoor space. get 2 rose or hanging baskets for $10 at lowe's today. ♪ born to be wild 7:42. the family raising their children side by side with child cheetahs. they're experienced animal trainers and the kids are aged 3 and 1 and gio benitez has their story. >> reporter: it's the incredible
7:44 am
documentary making headlines overnight. it's called "cheetah house" filmed at a south african reserve. look at this. a cheat tra on a leash playing catch, riding in the driver's seat and this. ♪ two cheetahs strolling into a living room playing with toddlers, 1-year-old kayla and her 3-year-old brother treat the cheetahs like household pets. >> humans and nature can live together and respect each other. >> reporter: when the cheetahs were born about a year ago, hine and kim schoeman didn't think momma cheetah could take care of all four of her baby kitties so the schoemans adopted them. >> when you raise them, you know, it's extremely strict. you know, you need to establish dominance and respect, first of all, and maintain that. >> reporter: we showed schoeman's video to director emeritus jack hanna. these kids are cuddling with the
7:45 am
cheetahs. >> they are. >> reporter: and it's okay. >> the baby cheetahs were raised with them. >> reporter: he says they're actually gentle. farrows of ancient egypt kept them as companions. hanna says don't try this at home. if i wanted to go out and get a cheetah, not a good idea. >> no, it's not a good idea. this is isn't you think you'll do yourself. >> reporter: schoemans are now training them to hunt. ironically getting them ready to someday leave the house. >> should we go visit their cheetah in the wild someday they'll be in their land rover 100, 200 yards away and be the closest they'll be to it letting it be a cheetah. >> reporter: for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> as jack said not necessarily a good idea for everybody. >> except for the farrows. inside the boredom diet. the key to dieting. could it be the same thing every day over and over?
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7:50 am
right then, here's the "play of the day." >> something happened off the feel and i didnptidn't pick it because he's a dodging. "you're not dreaming" series, people giving back. i want to see -- i want to show you what matt kemp, the dodger center fielder did in san francisco, oh, by the way, a fan named josh jones had come to the game. you see him right there. he's the kid in the cap. he gives matt kemp a ball to sign. he can barely raise his arms. he's got 90 days to live. inoperable tumors and could hardly raise his arms. matt kemp does what any decent
7:51 am
human would do but then matt kemp says, hey, have my cap. tell you what, you take my jersey then he says, you know what, i don't need these shoes. >> oh. took it all off. josh said he couldn't believe it was happening to him and that's why you don't hear him saying a whole lot but i got to tell you, matt kemp, you are a good, good man. i want to introduce you to two great little kids too. you're not dreaming continues. go nowhere. ♪ holding out for a hero ♪ if you're happy and you know it, clap your hands. ♪
7:52 am
♪ si te sientes muy feliz aplaude así.♪ ♪ if you're happy and you know it, ♪ ♪ then your life will surely show it. ♪ ♪ si te sientes muy feliz aplaude así. ♪
7:53 am
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7:56 am
>> now from abc7 news. a report will be released with recommended changes for the oakland police department. the report we got in advance is critical of the department under the leadership of now former police chief howard jordan who suddenly step down yesterday. mike, what happens on this "bike to work day" day? >> we will have a lot of sunshine. 62 in san francisco. look at the upper 60's and near 70 for the bay and as you head inland low-to-mid 70's. today is the first day of warming and how night it will be for mother's day on sunday. >> you can bicycle to work
7:57 am
faster than driving in san jose with a crash northbound 280 involving three cars blocking a lane and there is plenty of backup. 101 is at a crawl as is 880 trying to come up on airport. >> thank you. the news continu
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ and a lot of umbrellas and a lot of smiles out in times square this morning. happy thursday. we are just one day before our huge breakfast in bed live event with emeril, and to celebrate we're getting a little breakfast right here on the set. >> uh-huh. >> chris powell, come tell us about it. >> get over here. >> come over here. >> get over here. >> ho! >> how are you guys doing? >> all right. >> what's up, big guy? >> how are you doing? >> good to see you guys. >> so tell us what we're eating here, chris. it's really good. >> very light.
8:01 am
>> these are power protein waffles. they are absolutely incredible. 18 grams of protein, 30 grams of carbohydrates. talk about a way to jump-start your day. they're made of -- get this -- cottage cheese, egg whites, vanilla, baking powder and -- >> they are tea really good. >> really good. >> and kids love them. >> i first found out on the commercial break. >> exactly. >> you're going to share with us some of your secrets to getting fit. >> yes, i'm coming back later and we'll talk exercise. we'll have some fun. in the meantime, enjoy those waffles. >> we are. thank you. chris, nice to see you. all right. he will be weighing in on the boredom diet and whether eating the same meal every day is an effective way to actually drop the pounds. i guess you might get actually bored of eating and do it less. >> yeah. oh, yeah, okay, i can see that. also, why abercrombie & fitch is under fire right now. a lot of controversy being stirred up apparently over who can fit into the company's clothes, and so is it
8:02 am
discriminatory? questions being raised today, sam. >> yeah, and i know this is is a completely different series, the "am i dreaming" thing, but am i dreaming because the one and only rod stewart is here. i'm serious. it's crazy for me. so many people are here outside in the rain in times square. listen, he looks fantastic. >> why can't i get away with that? >> first original music in 20 years. >> great. looking forward to that. let's get news from josh. we'll begin with the cleveland kidnapping suspect. 52-year-old ariel castro appeared in court with his head down staring at the floor. the judge held him on $8 million bond. he will be charged with multiple counts of kidnapping and rape with the disappearances of gina dejesus, amanda berry and michelle knight and in a "gma" exclusive gina dejesus' mother said all three are doing well. meanwhile, ariel castro's daughter told george that she's
8:03 am
disappointed, embarrassed and devastated by her father's alleged actions. new information about the boston marathon bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev. the investigators are now looking closely at one of his distant cousins in russia who allegedly has ties to islamic extremists. meantime, the first congressional hearing into the attack gets under way today and in prepared testimony, boston's police commissioner will call on the government to set up and step up security at major events. and prosecutors in utah now hope to charge a teenager as an adult for the punch that led to the death of a soccer referee. ricardo portillo was hit in the face after a player disputed his call during a game. the 17-year-old player has now been charged with homicide by assault. and the coast guard had to jump in the waters off north carolina to rescue a british man from a sailboat. he apparently had hit his head
8:04 am
and was unconscious for hours. they placed him in a basket and lifted him up to their chopper. thankfully, he is okay this morning. and now here's diane sawyer with a preview of what's ahead on tonight's "world news." diane? >> and a good morning to you, josh elliott. i can't wait for the "you're not dreaming" segment coming up. the special surprise you have for those two deserving men, truly. here tonight on "world news," i want everyone to know we know america is a powerful country and its strength lies in the spirit of the people. and tonight you're going to meet two kids who stood up in a town, took on the question of race and believe me, it ends with an american anthem. how strong do you have to be to change your world? well, watch tonight. it's our new series, "america strong," and we launch it right here. i'll see you then. >> we'll be looking forward to that. i know we'll all be watching, diane. finally an item that we found on that we just have to show you. the huggies tweet pee reportedly now a device that you attach to
8:05 am
your baby's diaper. >> no. >> sam. >> that senses humidity. >> oh, no. >> then tweets you. >> sam, can you do a weather forecast on that? >> the gadget could cause you to use up more diapers which would then be good for, oh, say huggies, the company providing that device. on the other hand, well, if it's real, it's real, and if it's not, then it probably is not. >> what are you doing, sam? >> i just got a tweet. >> i think you should go check on that. >> sam. >> it can't be. it can't be real. >> it can't be real. i mean really like let me ask you this, you're an anchor of a show. why couldn't that be real? >> yeah. >> because it's just too absurd or -- >> all the more reason. >> or genius. or genius. >> wants to feel human. >> but it's -- lara, it's someone in this room. it says so on twitter.
8:06 am
someone. someone. >> what does it rhyme with? >> okay, i think we should move on. when you're asking me to save you, you know you're in deep trouble, but here we go, good morning to you. it's time for old spock versus new spock in an brand-new ad for the audi s7. old spock, leonard nimoy, 5 of course, and new spock, zachary quinto, has a race to the clubhouse and a game of golf, loser pays. but there it is. should we see it? watch it. wait for it. it's coming. >> oh, he does -- >> the vulcan pinch. works like a charm every time. the commercial is actually really funny. i didn't sell it very well but it's well done. >> no, that's good. that's really good. hey, jude, meet harold. take a look. >> hello, harold. say hello to the beatles. >> harold as sir paul mccartney named him, harold is one of a form of grasshopper groupies at
8:07 am
his concert monday night in brazil. sir paul, though, let it be. he kept on singing with his new backup singers tweeting by his side. sir paul mccartney's tour is headed to the u.s. on may 18th. not sure whether or not harold and the crew will be joining him. >> yep. >> today is a very special day here at "gma." two years ago today you came back, lara, to "gma." it's your anniversary. >> oh. well, thank you. >> a very special message. take a look. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> lara, happy second anniversary, my lamb. on the "gma's" lab, you were very -- i just wanted to say, hey, congratulations, and i'm shooting a movie here, a new muppets movie. i just want you to know that i love you. i miss you. call me, all right? seven times i've texted you.
8:08 am
please call me. congratulations. >> i can't believe he put on a tux for me. thank you, pepe. thank you. thank you, george. >> it has flown by. it seems like you never left, lara. >> thank you. >> it seems like you've never left. >> time flies when you love your job. thank you, george. thank you for hijacking "pop news." that doesn't happen often. i'm going to hijack "this week." >> i'll tune in for that. >> that seems fair. >> let's get some weather from sam. >> lara spencer, you made my life better and better and better. good morning, everybody. how are you? let's get everybody in. let's go down the line. good morning. where are you from? >> boston. >> boston. and? >> philly. >> tampa. >> indiana. >> boston. >> hey. >> cleveland. >> good morning, good morning, good morning. >> texas. >> texas, all right. good morning, everybody. let's get to the boards. we got one or two things going on this morning we want to share
8:09 am
with you. it's not that sprinkly out there. walk out the door, it's light to medium sprinkly but the boston earth cam is showing you a look down the charles and looks a little misty in that direction. and that's because the area of low pressure hasn't left us alone and curves up a little bit toward canada but will still leave some scattered showers. in the breaks, you'll get the sunshine, the numbers come up and once it works against itself, once it gets warm the clouds move back in so chicago over the next few days it looks better and better and so do a lot of other places.
8:10 am
>> joelle, you clearly have amazing taste. so where are we going next? >> let's go inside to lara. >> thank you so much. well done. thank you. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." the hottest haircut in hollywood right now. jennifer aniston's stylist giving one lucky lady a brand-new pixie cut. and inside the boredom diet. can you really lose weight if you eat the same meal every day? and it's our huge "gma" event. you are not dreaming, and wait till you see josh's big surprise for two extraordinary young men. all that and rod stewart live with us on "good morning america." "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by the makers of caltrate plus minerals. go beyond calcium with extra minerals. cium with extra minimals. eimals. rimals. aimals.
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8:15 am
tell yours with my new open hearts family collection at kay jewelers. ♪ every kiss begins with kay ♪ i like girls that wear abercrombie & fitch ♪ >> and while we're playing that song back with today's "gma heat index." and abercrombie & fitch is on the hot seat this morning. the chain accused of discriminating against overweight customers making clothes only for the thin. rebecca jarvis with the story. >> reporter: this is a company making almost $5 billion a year in sales but doing it by deliberately leaving out a significant part of the population and the ceo says it's all by design. ♪ at your nearest abercrombie & fitch you can find shirtless salesmen in the latest distressed denim but if you're looking for a women's extra large blouse you're out of luck. the trendy retailer ceo doesn't want your business.
8:16 am
>> it's been very, very successful. he doesn't want anybody in the store that doesn't fit that cool, young and sexy definition. >> reporter: robin lewis is co-author of "the new rules of retail" all part of mike jeffrey's master plan to cultivate what he considers cool. we visited the abercrombie flagship store to see if we could find something for the average woman, a size 14 in the u.s. but after scanning multiple shelves and racks, we found mostly double zeros and extra smalls and a couple of large p tops and size 10 pants. salespeople there confirmed abercrombie doesn't carry xl or xxl for women. a spokesperson for abercrombie & fitch declined to comment but in a 2006 interview ceo jefferys said we go after the all-american kid.
8:17 am
are we exclusionary? absolutely. >> he is a brilliant visionary and he really crystalized this core consumer he was going after. >> reporter: but lewis says it's a model that may not fit the future. plus size shoppers now make up 67% of consumers. >> i think young people, they want cool, but it is how they define it for themselves. >> reporter: from dove's real beauty campaign highlighting real women to h&m's inclusion of plus side swimsuit model jenny ronk, many are making their clothes more accessible. for example, rival retailers h&m and american eagle both carry sizes up to 16 and 18, the largest at abercrombie & fitch, a 10. and it may come as a surprise, abercrombie isn't alone in employing exclusionary tactics, many high-end retailers keep sizes low and prices high just to be exclusive and think it
8:18 am
adds some cache to the label. >> i've never heard that before. i will have to say when i see a shoe in the window then ask for my shoe doesn't look quite the same. yeah. hey, rebecca, thanks. >> ours comes with a paddle. >> next up in the "gma heat index," the pixie cut, hollywood's new favorite look, everywhere at the met ball this week and asked abc's abbie boudreau to go in search of the perfect pixie cut. here's a look. >> reporter: it was a hair showdown at the met gala in new york city. from sarah jessica parker's elaborate headpiece and nicole richie's short and ann hathaway. it's what's on top of your head getting the double take. the short hair is taking the red carpet by storm. >> doesn't matter whether a haircut costs $15 or $500, you can get the look. >> reporter: inspiring, yes.
8:19 am
according to a recent poll conducted by the hairdressing council of great britain and universal pictures, anne hathaway's perfect pixie she donned in "les miz" was the best all time. she's not the only one to go short. >> emma watson. halle berry, viola davis make it look powerful and gorgeous. >> reporter: chris mcmillan famous for creating rachel back in the '90s on jennifer aniston say many can pull off the pixie. >> it has to be shaped right. little tweaks here and there, a little longer in the bang, oh, maybe a little shorter in the bang. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> reporter: well, this tax accountant in california taking a cue from anne hathaway wants to go from long and luxurious to
8:20 am
short and sassy. >> i've always liked drastic haircuts so now is the time. >> reporter: here's her before. and take a look at her now. >> you like it? >> i do. it's so short. >> yeah. >> wow! >> you got the pixie cut. >> it's awesome. it's so, so dramatic. it's really edgy and it's fun. i like it. >> reporter: and just a few days later, do you feel like you achieved that anne hathaway look? >> i think a little bit. you know, no one is going to rock it like anne hathaway. >> you're rocking it girl. if you're not quite ready to take the plunge. >> say good-bye to my long hair. there are other ways to test the trend first. and just maybe shorter is better. all right. so what do you think, guys? do you think that this is the new me? >> i got a pixie cut -- >> i feel funky. >> 1993. that's different from a pixie cut. >> yeah, different.
8:21 am
>> it's a little funky, a little punky. i feel kind of confident, though. i got to tell you, robin, i know you know what i'm talking about. >> absolutely. >> maybe better. i don't know if this is -- not my full time look. >> you could pull it off. thank you, abbie boudreau. >> if it was linda, she wouldn't be up right now. >> 1993. >> i'm looking forward to my hair growing out a little more on top. i'm really excited about it. kind of the halle berry thing. >> yeah. >> kind of like you. >> this is more miley. >> i wish you could hear all the conversations we were having during it. >> you had it for awhile. >> i looked like flock of seagulls. it wasn't good. but we try. burning up the "gma heat index." promises you to lose weight while eating the same thing. it's like groundhog's day, you'll eat the same thing every day. >> you don't want it anymore.
8:22 am
>> dubbed the boredom diet and juju chang will explain it. >> reporter: subway says jared did it with subway sandwiches. >> i lost 245 pounds. >> reporter: and kellogg's suggests you can do it by eating special k cereal. >> replace two meals a day for two weeks. >> reporter: variety may be the spice of life but car yi says the not eating is it. >> a way of controlling calories and still be satisfied and have consistency. >> reporter: it would be eating the same thing every day to lose weight, call it the boredom diet. we talked to a mono luncher who ate the same chipotle salad for eight months. >> i lost 50 pounds and continue to lose weight every week. >> reporter: it's not unlike the cabbage soup diet where repetition leads to weight loss. pun published study looked at 60 women who ate the same meal every day for weeks and ate
8:23 am
less. it's a small sample to be sure, but -- the study showed women who ate mac and cheese every day for a week wound up eating 100 fewer calories a day. >> is that the latest word. >> young people these day. >> reporter: my former colleague, cnn newsmessenger cooper anderson says he sticks to the same meals. >> i eat the same meals for months at a time day after day. >> reporter: perhaps that's what keeps him fit and lean. while experts we talked to say it can lull you into weight loss, they say it only works if your choices are balanced. mac and cheese says glassman is not the nutritious way to go. >> if you're going to have the same thing every day make sure it's portion controlled. >> reporter: juju chang, abc news, new york. >> all right, joining us now to talk about it is transformation specialist chris powell, host of "extreme makeover: weight loss edition" and has a new book out
8:24 am
called "choose more, lose more for life." >> you changed countless people's lives. we just did this story on the boredom diet. a lot -- george kind of eats that way. josh kind of eats that way. you do. lara. >> is that the right thing. >> the thing is i think in the long term there's certainly validity to it but the only thing, though, i'm having a hard time swallowing this because it almost seems like a recipe for disaster right off the bat because people think i can eat anything. mac and cheese, cheeseburgers and pepperoni pizza. researchers say over time they eat 100 fewer calories but what if they overload with a thousand calories -- i think in the long term it could work. >> depends on what you're eating. >> should be boring and sensible. >> yeah. >> that is boring. >> sam, you're a variety guy. >> that's why i go up and down ten pounds. i can't help it. >> you have some simple exercises that can also help with trance forring ourself. >> as a matter of fact i do. the ultimate exercise today.
8:25 am
we'll get right down into it. i tell you what, if there's any one exercise i could do for the rest of my life it's the burpie. >> like -- >> exactly. every time i say the word. >> chris makes me do these. >> absolutely. all right, guys, let's get down into the burpie. upper body, core. helen will be doing -- a beginning version. lower body as she lowers herself to the ground and stabilizes it turns into core and stands back up. every muscle in the body moving at once. >> i'm telling you if you try these at home you will get a great full workout and they seem mellow, trust me -- >> take a look at your mellow over here. doing the more advanced version. a plank and qualities and bridges and doing squats again. fantastic. you just, i tell you if there's any one move i could do for the rest of my life it's the burpie. >> i'll try the burpie. >> absolutely.
8:26 am
here's what we do. in my new book i throw in all different kinds of exercises. 20 different workouts and combine them with other movements like twisters. let's get down into some twisters. facing out. this is an incredible exercise for the core muscles. obliques so arms out to the side and we'll go side to side on those legs. >> once again, great rotational muscles here. good core. >> the twister, the burpie. i love the waffles you brought us. find all of that in your new book. >> "choose more, lose more." >> it's available right now. you can get the recipe for his protein waffle on our website >> come on! >> there you go. oh, yeah, you do not want to miss it. stay with us. >> there you go.
8:27 am
>> from abc7 news. >> good morning, i am kristen sze. san jose police have broken up the most sophisticated identity rings they have seen in years with the hope of the secret service. police arrested these three people. police say the group was able to create fake driver's licenses and credit cards and checks. one man was ripped off for $100,000. police are still looking for two "persons of interest" in the case. >> now the morning commute with leyla gulen looking at the san mateo-hayward bridge. >> a good thursday morning to you. right now the san mateo bridge is locking decent and better than it was earlier. we have traffic making their way to the foster city but it is moving along with no crashes to report. you can see plenty of backup
8:28 am
making the drive from oakland toward the bay bridge toll plaza. >> we will check it
8:29 am
>> our 24-hour temperature changes shows warmer from two, to four, to six more than yesterday. at the game, the braves are here to take on the giants at 7:15 first pitch, at 60 degrees.
8:30 am
temperatures near 60 along the coast today. 70 away the bay. mid-70's inland. look how warm it will be the coldest days she makes me happy when the clocks are gray ♪ >> i know you're asking me to talk angela but it's rod stewart. you got to hear him. there are so many people here in times square excited for rod stewart and it will be great to have him performing live this morning. his first original music. he hasn't written in some 20 years. >> brand-new music from rod stewart. rock and roll hall of famer which is why there's a big crowd outside all morning long. >> so excited for that and niecy nash is here, the comedienne has a hilarious new book out dishing on a pretty serious subject she's had great success with, finding true love. >> good for her. >> grab a cup of coffee. josh has the story we've been waiting for all morning. >> boy, tell you what, we've been enjoying our special event
8:31 am
all week. >> all: you're not dreaming! >> and it's really been our chance to shine a light on all the stories, all the people who have inspired us so much that we wanted to pay tribute to them. surprise them with tokens of our gratitude and appreciation so george, surprised the young women with among other things a special message from beyonce and, oh, did the tears flow. it was a volcanic eruption. then sam visited the firefighters, the heroes of breezy point, new york and brought much needed supplies and money to help rebuild their fire station devastated by superstorm sandy and then lara yesterday pampered the pooches and as important, the hammers of said pooches of the canine comfort dogs ministry and so today i get to join in and i get to tip my hat to two young men, two young
8:32 am
wrestlers who grabbed me by the heart strings, justin and jared made such an impact on me, i had to go meet them in person. >> get him, jared. >> reporter: it looked just like an ordinary wrestling match between two middle schoolers. but on this day, both of these 12-year-olds left the mat as winners and to call charge extraordinary doesn't even come close. take another look. you see, jared stevens has cerebral palsy but he doesn't let that stop him and now he wants to wrestle just like olympic gold medalist rulon gardner >> that's when we asked the coach, you know, what do we have to do to make that happen. >> he said you really want to be on the mat today and ask me if i had a kid that understood the world having a big heart. >> reporter: enter jared's
8:33 am
competitor in his very first wrestling match. >> i didn't know what to do. i went to wrestle him. i shook his hand but noticed he couldn't move so i sat on the mat and pulled him over me and like slid under me. >> jared pinned him in just 18 seconds and tapped the joy of victory. >> he looked at me with a joyful face and smiled at me. that made me feel really good. >> reporter: their story went global. >> wow. >> unreal. >> teaching us all and hit me square in the heart. >> one, two, three. and that's why we've come back to visit these two boys, each of whose stories is very deserving of being told but it's when those two stories became one that it became something else entirely. it also became a reunion i don't want to miss. >> oh, my goodness. hey, look, josh elliott from "good morning america." >> how are you. hi, jared. how are you. good to see you. >> what would a reunion be
8:34 am
without a little surprise. >> today give jared this picture of him winning his first match. it says, courage, character and commitment! >> reporter: and there it is again, that smile. >> i got to tell you, justin, you know, i hope my daughter when she grows up to be your age makes the choice that you made and i hope all of you understand what a monumental moment that w was. it is a real honor to meet you two today. i have one other request. you would be doing me a great honor if you would join me in new york on "good morning america" on thursday. [ applause ] >> can i bring my dog. >> can he bring his dog? >> you bet you can. >> and look who joined me today, justin keeva and jared stevens. and john iii, jared's little
8:35 am
buddy. it's good to see you guys again. i know i told you this. your home there in tennessee last week but the impact that you had on all of us here and so many millions of people at home really around the world, it is such -- you honor us with your presence. you honor us with your courage. both of you that you showed in getting to that moment on that mat and i do -- my colleagues over there have wanted to meet you guys, as well. >> looking over at all of you and the three of us were athletes, wrestler, diver, basketball player so, justin, we know what it's like and what you did. what has been the reaction, justin, from people when they see your story and know what you've done with jared? >> it's just crazy. >> well, you're handling it well. you both are handling it well.
8:36 am
i know you didn't know i was coming to tennessee and it was wonderful to meet you both, the families. you didn't know i would bring you back to new york and spend the morning with us here. there's something else i didn't tell you and i can't not tell you guys stuff, okay. so because it is our very special series -- >> all: you're not dreaming. >> i brought a very special friend to meet you. come on out. >> whoa. >> whoo! >> hey, man. >> i want you guys to meet -- i want you guys to meet rulon gardner, justin, do you know rulon? >> i think i've heard -- >> rulon guarder. >> in the 2000 olympic games wrestling for the u.s. really pulled what many believe to be the greatest individual upset in olympics history. he beat a wrestler named alexander carell who hasn't lost
8:37 am
for 13 years in international competition and i know, rulon, grab a seat. grab a seat. i know when we reached out to you, we didn't have to tell you too much about this story. you already knew about it. >> i did. i actually watched it right after you guys did the shot. it was just so inspirational for me to feel the emotion of every wrestler to see what goes through that first victory, that first opportunity to feel what sportsmanship is like. it was truly inspiring to see, you know, this spirit these two had in sportsmanship and athletics. >> what do you want to say to them both? >> you guys kind of bring the emotion of sports together. from all the different sports of wrestling to athletics to everything about it. sportsman hipp is being able to go out and share with somebody, you know, what competition is like but ultimately what success is and also maybe a loss but it's not about always winning and losing. it's about the opportunity to compete and you guys show that
8:38 am
every day. >> well, again, i want to thank you for coming, rulon. and i want to -- i want to thank you both. i'm never ever going to forget getting the chance to meet you guys and i know a lot of people won't forget what it is you both did and the courage and strength you both showed in getting to that match that day so thanks again. thank you. let's get a check now of the weather with sam. sammy. >> josh, that story is probably the best story i've -- i don't know how long. that's what we need more of that peer, love and respect. absolutely beautiful. to the boards. one or two things going on we want to share. as you step outside in tallahassee. it's likely that's what yr sky looks like. we know because they send it on twitter and facebook and colorado. rain moving through the middle of the country. another day of it. chicagoland, st. louis, indianapolis all in for a wet and rainy day and some of these storms particularly in the deep south could be a little tough with more hailstones, frequent lightning, gusty winds and
8:39 am
possibility in south texas of picking up a little bit of maybe a tornado. it's possible so stay up with your local abc stations. the warmth is on its way, ladies and gentlemen, after a couple of >> all that weather was brought to you by kay jewelers. let's go back over to josh. josh! >> sammy, it was a good one. coming up here, another good one. niecy nash dishing with lara on finding love. ♪
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
so great having our friend niecy nash here. she has a brand-new book in stores now called "it's hard to fight naked" which we'll talk about in a moment. you know, when niecy fell in love with her husband jay she wanted all her friends to be in love that. i remember. i was there and now she made it her mission to help as many women to find the right relationship for them and we are so happy to have you here. >> hi, honey bun. >> reunited and it feels so good. i love seeing you and i'm so thrilled for you about the book and, of course, it would have a title like this. >> what do you mean? what are you saying?
8:43 am
>> hmm. how did you discover it's hard to fight naked? >> well, listen, listen, i don't think it's a secret that nakedness kind of calms any situation and if you say naked, you probably won't argue at all. >> you got married to jay and we all got to share in your wedded bliss. niecy nash's wedding bash on tlc, a total hoot. how has it been for you, this search and why do you feel the need to make sure that everybody is as happy as you are? >> well, you know what, i think the place that we struggle the most is in the thing that we were created for. we were created for love. yet, you know, when you think about the problems that we have, boom, a lot of them are in our relationships. so i said, you know, i started having the conversation with my girlfriends and that turned into me doing a web series called "let's talk about love" and then the series turned into a book. >> can i just brag about you? like you are real.
8:44 am
you are good at this. sherri shepherd. one of our mutual friends is happily aried thanks to one of your matchmaking parties. >> she met her husband in my living room. and it's standing room only. every girl is like can i get an invite to your next matchmaking party. >> i love what you talk about in the book. so profound and very simple. you attract what you are. >> the biggest problem that women make or people make in getting a relationship is you jump in when you're not your best self. you know what i mean. so you draw that similar energy to you. so you say why are all these boys crazy that i'm dating? why are, you know, these men, you know, doing these crazy things? girl, because you're crazy. huh! and you just invited crazy right on to your home party. >> hello. when i was working with you, we were great friends working alongside each other and you were always talking about meeting mr. right. you were going out on dates. i'll never forget the day you
8:45 am
said i think i met him and you're right. your husband jay but in the courtship one thing you did every single day from the set you would send him a self-ie of yourself. >> i would take pictures because i wanted him to see me every day to see what he was missing. >> i took great pleasure trying to photo bomb your self-ie. this is from the courtship of niecy. >> and this is from about -- >> lara. really? >> i would do it almost every day. >> almost every day. >> drive you crazy. >> i could never get -- >> everybody check out this book. it is filled with great advice and so funny like this wonderful gal niecy nash and on sale now. and coming up next, rod stewart. >> whoo. >> so don't go anywhere. so let's take a picture. >> this will be for my husband. >> "good morning america." >> really, really.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
. [ cheers and applause ] oh, yes, rod stewart is ready to rock with the first album of original songs in almost 20 years called "time" and it's as autobiographical as his best-selling memoir "rod." give it up for rod stewart. it is wonderful -- you are beautiful. looking good, looking good. first original music in almost 20 years. >> don't ask me why. >> you had writer's block. i can't believe that. >> i was doing the book.
8:49 am
but i just thought songwriting had left me completely. putting the book together and the memories started flooding back so therefore the songs came. >> and lyrics starting coming in the middle of the night. >> writing things down. 11 songs. >> people talk about you really bare your soul in this one, rod. [ laughter ] >> what do you think? quite personal, i must admit, yes, pretty personal. songs about the kids and me dad and divorce and all sorts of things. >> well, we'll just leave it at that, shall we. rod stewart singing "can't stop me now" from "time." his new album that is out today. thank you so much for being here. >> one, two, three, four. ♪ ♪ i split on the streets in san
8:50 am
called the record and company man my enthusiasm filled the room ♪ ♪ i was young and i was keen with the devil in my stream as i hollered at an old blues tune ♪ ♪ we can't sign your sign 'cause we're doper than the mole ♪ ♪ that you had on your nose and your clothes i should thank you gentleman ♪ ♪ for this life that you brought me now move on down the road ♪ ♪ and i remember thinking -- they can't stop me now ♪ ♪ the world is waiting my turn to stand out in the crowd ♪ ♪ they can't stop me now the tide is turning i'm gonna make you proud ♪ ♪ so proud so proud ♪ i'm going to make you proud ♪ well nothing was tough but i couldn't get enough ♪ ♪ out this rhythm and blues i crave ♪
8:51 am
♪ i was singing in the parks singing in the clubs ♪ ♪ then along came agony ♪ all the things he said to me and all the things i heard ♪ ♪ i had a point to prove ♪ i will climb this mountain with this god given gift if it's the last thing that i do ♪ ♪ and i remember thinking ♪ they can't stop me now the world is waiting ♪ ♪ it's my turn to stand out in the crowd ♪ ♪ they can't stop me now the tide is turning ♪ ♪ i'm gonna make you proud ♪ they can't stop me now the world is waiting ♪ ♪ so proud ♪ it's my turn to stand out in the crowd they can't stop me now ♪ ♪ the tide is turning i'm gonna make you proud ♪
8:52 am
♪ born to ramble born to sing in a new world of rock 'n' roll ♪ ♪ woman in particular feel my heart will cry and if i hold my song ♪ ♪ oh yeah ♪ thanks for the faith thanks for the patience ♪ ♪ thanks for the helping hand thanks for the love thanks for the guidance ♪ ♪ thanks for the talk and pride ♪ ♪ they can't stop me now the world is waiting ♪ ♪ it's my turn to stand out in the crowd ♪ ♪ they can't stop me they can't stop me now ♪ ♪ the tide is turning i'm gonna make you proud ♪ ♪ they can't stop me now you won't stop me ♪ ♪ the world is waiting
8:53 am
you can't stop me ♪ ♪ ♪ it's my turn now to stand out in the crowd they can't stop me now ♪ ♪ ♪ the tide is turning i'm gonna make you proud i'm gonna make you proud ♪ ♪ i'm gonna make you proud >> rod stewart, hey. isn't he good?
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
♪ you can't stop me now ♪ "good morning america" brought to you by fage total. >> our thanks to rod stewart. everyone here. "can't stop me now." you said that was for your daughters. you always stood out in a crowd. always. >> ah. >> so appreciate it. emeril always stands out in a crowd as well leer for one of our "gma's" traditions, mother's day breakfast in bed. >> oh. >> you don't want to miss it.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> now from abc7 news. it is "bike to work day" foe the first time a bike counter is set up in san francisco to estimate how many are taking part. a group of 500 is bicycling from the mission district all the way to google headquarters in mountain view. how is the forecast? >> they will have a lot of sunshine. home they wore sunscreen. it will be brighter and warmer from upper 50's on the cost to upper 60's and near 70 in the bay and low-to-mid 70's inland the today the beginning. check how warm it is, this week. leyla gulen? >> the commuters with like "bike to work day" because we are looking at heavy conditions because of an early accident pushed to the shoulder northbound 101 at peninsula avenue.
9:00 am
34 miles per hour is the top speed. drive safe, everyone. >> join us for announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the new film "the great gatsby," tobey maguire. and a mom from north carolina gets a new look as we continue "live's" new you in new york makeovers. plus, from "dancing with the star courtesy of sean lowe and petea. all next on the award winning "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪

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